Real Estate Sales

At Stoner & Davé PLLC, we represent any party in residential real estate sales or purchase, including single-family homes, town homes, condominium units, undeveloped lots. We can handle your contracts and closing with or without the involvement of a realtor. We also provide full turnkey operations in For Sale By Owner transactions.

Our comprehensive representation can include:

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing sales contracts
  • Reviewing inspection reports
  • Reviewing seller disclosures
  • Ordering title insurance
  • Title examination
  • Examining the deed and conveyancing
  • Analyzing the settlement sheet
  • Attending your home closing

People buying or selling a home make a common mistake. The seller attracts the buyer, the buyer likes the house, and they sign a contract that one of them picked up somewhere. As your attorneys, we will:

  • Explain the contract terms
  • Suggest contract changes that will benefit you
  • Write down all oral agreements to ensure they are enforceable
  • Verify that the purchaser is conveyed good title

Contact Stoner & Davé PLLC before you sign any papers if you are contemplating buying or selling real estate.

Commercial Real Estate

As a buyer, you want the best price, location and space. As a seller, you want a smooth sale and the most money for the transaction. The attorneys at Stoner & Davé PLLC will work with you to achieve results that you desire.

As the seller’s attorneys, we prepare the host of documents necessary to complete the transaction successfully. We ensure that the documents are properly drafted so as not to leave room for future conflict.

As the buyer’s attorneys, we perform due diligence. Our aim is to ensure that there are no surprises after the sale is complete. We confirm that:

  • There are no judgments against the selling entity that could attach to title or chattels
  • Your intended use of the property complies with applicable zoning restrictions
  • You get what you bargained for
  • You are conveyed good title

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