Divorce Law

A divorce can be a difficult and emotional time, especially when children are involved. The attorneys at Stoner and Davé PLLC are here to help resolve your divorce quickly. Our top priority is to minimize the impact the divorce will have on you and your family. This allows for you and your loved ones to move on and be successful in the next stage of your lives.

In Pennsylvania, divorce can be based on “fault” or “no fault” grounds. A no fault divorce can be consensual or can occur after a two-year separation. To proceed with a fault-based divorce there must be a reason or basis for the divorce such as adultery or desertion. In addition to divorce, Pennsylvania also allows annulments, which can be used under very specific circumstances to nullify the marriage so that, legally speaking, it never occurred.

We are dedicated to helping individuals and families through simple or complex divorce proceedings in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Other common topics involving divorce law include:

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