Helping Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs play a special role in society, by taking risks and doing things their way, entrepreneurs help create innovations which bring about numerous benefits and advancements to society.  The Attorneys at Stoner & Davé specialize in helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to life in the best possible manner.  With our Business and Non-Profit Formation practices, we can help make the legal entity you need to get going.  This involves careful consideration of your goals and plans to make sure that you have the right legal entity and tax status to meet your needs.  We also help get your business started through drafting by-laws and operating agreements, and getting your contract standardized and in order.  These services can be offered in numerous ways, either as unbundled services or in the variety of start-up and general counsel packages we offer.

However, we also go above and beyond most other law firms in helping our clients.  We use our experience and connections help make sure that your plans have the best services available.  We help connect our clients with our network of professionals which includes business management advisors, logo designers and financial experts so that your business or non-profit is given the very best.

Getting Funded

In our financing practice, we help our clients obtain the funding needed to help make their vision a reality.  We will not only provide counseling on which form of financing is best for your needs, we also represent your interests to make sure you are given a fair deal.

If you approach a bank, grant-writing fund or venture capital firm on your own, you can be assured that your financiers will be looking out for their interests. However, it is important to realize that they will not be looking out for your interests.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your interests are protected, not the bank’s or the venture capitalist’s.  Banks and venture capital firms have lawyers looking out for your interests, and if you try to enter into a deal without a lawyer you are putting yourself at a great risk of being taken advantage of.  You should never put your business and your dreams at such risk.  The Attorneys at Stoner & Davé will represent your interests and look out for you to make sure that you are well protected.  We take your business seriously, you should too.

Protecting Your Investment

In the beginning stages, a business has many vulnerabilities.  The general uncertainties of business are already great enough, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you are properly looking after those risks which are within your control.  The Attorneys at Stoner & Davé can help protect your business by making sure that your intellectual property is protected.  This can involve copyrighting material, patenting ideas and protecting trade secrets.  Non-disclosure agreements for employees, contractors and subcontractors are also vital for a young business, especially those in the technology sphere.  In some instances, non-compete agreements may also be needed.  We can also provide counseling on the proper internal protocols and reporting procedures that are needed to protect your business from liability.  By utilizing the proper protective measures you can greatly reduce the chance of your business experiencing unnecessary harm.