Mergers & Acquisitions

The Attorneys at Stoner & Davé practice in all areas of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and divestiture of corporate shares and company interests. M&A includes the legal due diligence as well as structuring and financing needed whenever the shares or interest in a company is transferred from one party to another.

Selling and Buying a Part of a Company

M&A law covers a wide variety of situations, all relating to the sale in part or whole of a company. Parties to a M&A fall into two categories: those who are buying part of a company (investor) and those who are selling part of a company (divestor). The Business Attorneys at Stoner & Davé represent clients in both divestment and investment scenarios.

The reason for why someone may be buying or selling a company can vary. Sometimes, a business may be merging with another company to create a whole new company and brand. There are also instances where a company may be bringing a new investor, manager or partner on board and needs to transfer certain shares of the company to them. Sometimes a business owner may be looking to sell off the entirety of their business, which is known as complete divestiture (or divestment). Finally, there are instances where an individual may need to sell off or substantially sell down their interest in a company because of ethical, political or conflict of interests reasons, such as running for political office or taking on a position at a firm that provides services to rival companies. The Attorneys at Stoner & Davé serve clients in M&A transactions for all scenarios.

Types of Ownership

The way a Merger or Acquisition can occur will depend on the way that equity ownership in a company is structured. There are two main forms of equity ownership that are found in America: Corporate Stock and Ownership Interest.  Click here for more information about Corporate Stock and Ownership Interest.