Contract Law

Contracts are the life blood of a company.  Practically all of the ways your company makes money or spends money are governed by contract law.  Many people mistakenly believe that a contract is only a written agreement, however in reality a contract is any kind of agreement which is legally binding.  It is important to realize that even when a formal written contract does not exist, the transactions and agreements you enter into may still be a contract for legal purposes.  Because of this, it is important to understand your rights and duties that exist under the law.

Failing to understand how the agreements you are entering into affect your legal rights can cause enormous problems for individuals and businesses. The Attorneys at Stoner & Davé serve individuals and business in all areas of Contract Law.  Our work in Contract Law can often be billed out at affordable flat fee rates.  Call us today at 412-515-0939 for a free consultation regarding your contract needs.

The Attorneys at Stoner & Davé can help you with a variety of your contract needs, including: