Billing that Works for You

At Stoner & Davé we use unique billing arrangements by offering competitively priced flat fees for most of our legal services. Unlike the overpriced hourly billing done at most law firms, flat fees create transparency in the lawyer client relationship and the opportunity for businesses and individuals to know what their legal costs will be in advance.

Hourly billing is inefficient, attorneys who bill by the hour spend an inordinate amount of time simply keeping track of all their billable hours. This painstaking and time consuming accounting method results in these attorneys spending less time working for their clients. And because accounting for hourly billing takes away time from working for clients, it can actually result in higher rates for the client. If you are paying lawyers by the hour, you are not only paying for the actual work they do for you, but you are also paying for the time it takes for them to keep track of their billable hours, the cost of which is factored into their already high hourly rates. This means that attorneys who bill hourly will often be more expensive than ones who bill by a flat rate. Even worse, hourly billing creates tension in the lawyer/client relationship, which interferes with the ability to provide quality services.

Having worked in business ourselves and dealt with outside counsel, we know what it feels like to retain an attorney who bills by the hour and the apprehension experienced when you get the “monthly surprise” of outrageously high legal bills, often times for relatively mundane tasks. Many businesses and individuals find themselves scared to even call their attorneys to ask important questions, because they know they will be getting slapped with a bill for it. The notion of being scared to call your counsel for important questions is a sad commentary on attorney billing practices.

However, at Stoner & Davé we do not think that your relationship with your attorney has to be like this. With backgrounds in business and work as in house General Counsel, we understand the value that attorneys can bring to a business when freed from the billable hour, because we have seen it first-hand. Because of this, we have made it our goal to build a law firm that is centered on our clients, not billable hours. Instead of spending our time adding up minutes to slap you with a bill, we spend our time working for our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. The result is lower legal fees and a healthy, helpful and productive relationship with our clients. It is true that flat fees may not work in all situations such as major litigation or extremely complex negotiations, however, we try to make our billing based on a flat fee rate as much as possible. We strongly encourage anyone interested in our services to inquire about our flat fees. You shouldn’t have to worry about the uncertainty of what your legal bill will be, you deserve better than that. At Stoner & Davé we believe in treating our clients with respect by not only providing the quality legal services they deserve, but also the transparency, professionalism and accountability that flat fee billing brings to the lawyer/client relationship.